Scope of Application

The right solution for any purpose.

RS-GUIDESYSTEMS stands for timeless, high-quality and practical barriers and queue management systems. These are applicable inside and outside, in any situation, depending on type and duration of application.

Surely you already met our barriers already: either in service centers, banking institutions, hospitals or medical centers, galleries, museums, restaurants, shops, railway stations, airports, or in industry, trade, construction, roadworks, logistics and transport. To cut a long story short: You may find our RS-GUIDESYSTEMS products everywhere that technically elaborated products are required to manage queueing, to clearly sign danger-zones or to protect certain areas or exhibits.

Our customers benefit from more than 30 years of international experience, which is reflected in quality, functionality and design of the RS-GUIDESYSTEMS products, as well as in our large services packages.

We offer solutions for all kind of requirements. In addition to this, our team works out individual, special solutions according to the customers’ specifications regarding modern and flexible barriers and queue management.