Whether as temporary or permanent protective measure, either directly implemented (e.g. wall mount unit) or placed in front as additional feature (e.g. barrier post), all our RS-GUIDESYSTEMS barriers and queue management solutions indicate danger or traffic zones, cordon off all kinds of areas – simple, fast and effective!

Strengthen the barrier effect e.g. by using individually printed tapes or post tubes.

Signalize your special messages by applying useful accessories like sign-holders of the GLS 45, GLS 75 or GLS 85 product range.

Do not underestimate job or site safety and get great effect with small effort only.

We have the right solution for all kind of demands and budgets, inside and outside. Ask us for excess production or second quality pieces.

Quality and Service – Made in Germany. Our service center in the middle of Germany has a large stock and offers suitable solutions for all kind of requirements at short term. Our long-termed experience is reflected in competence, compatibility and diversity.

Here you will find our complete range of RS-GUIDESYSTEMS products

Customers from this scope of application also bought:

GLA 25

flexible and

Versatile, flexible and multipurpose barrier, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The RS- GUIDESYSTEMS barrier post GLA 25 is the most cost-effective queue management system.

GLA 28

universal and
very pleasant

A universal and very pleasant barrier post-solution for all kind of situations that require a reliable and stylish RS-barrier system. Additionally the GLA 28 clear post offers ...

GLA 45

barrier solution
for all occasions

The RS-GUIDESYSTEMS GLA 45 barrier post is a modern queue management and barrier solution for all possible occasions calling for a representative and stylish barrier system. Post tube and base cover plate ...

GLA 85

tape extension

This RS-GUIDESYSTEMS post is the unchallenged highlight in the RS-GUIDESYSTEMS barrier-collection, due to the sensational new max. tape extension of max. 9 m. Ideal for all large-area-cordonning, but also well suitable for a multiple application ...

GLA 2000

Dual solution
for long distance

Large distances are easily cordoned off by the help of the RS-GUIDESYSTEMS post GLA 2000! Simply place the post by the help of the integrated rolls, handle the unit into position ...


Dual solution for
long distance

Same construction as the RS-GUIDESYSTEMS wall mount unit GLW 25, but equipped with two individually usable cassettes. This RS-GUIDESYSTEMS wall mount unit is the ideal, cost- and space-saving barrier solution which ...