GLA 28 clear

Rotatable and

A perfect tape extraction at any given time thanks to the flexible 360° rotatable post head.

Thanks to its clear post tube, theRS-GUIDESYSTEMSbarrier post GLA 28 Clear is the most versatile barrier solution. Use the inlay for the available space in the post tube for advertising or information for your customers.

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Different materials and color finishes
available. Specials are possible.


Standard tape colors available, other colors
or individual printing on request!


technical specifications

Post tube   PVC, different standard colours available
base weight   modified cast base weight with black pvc cover
diameter base weight incl. cover   approx. 350 mm
height base weight   approx. 20 mm
total post height   approx. 1.000 mm
total weight incl. cartridge   approx. 9,0 kg
tape width   approx. 50 mm
max. tape extension   optional 2.300 mm or 4.000 mm
Datasheet GLA 28 clear