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    Our systems

    Installation variants of ourPost-Rope-Systems


    Bottom plate with own weight

    The advantage of this most chosen variant is the quick and easy placement in any place, both indoors and outdoors, as well as the organization of need-based barrier images in minutes.


    Ground socket variant

    Instead of a ground plate, the barrier post is inserted into a ground sleeve. Advantage: fixed in the desired position, can be removed at any time when not in use. The ground sleeve is then closed with a cover.


    Magnetic floor plate

    The barrier post equipped with a magnetic plate is attached to a magnetic substrate. Advantage: stronger fixation at the desired location, but preservation of mobility. The location of the post nevertheless remains variable.


    Fixed screw connection

    Instead of a ground plate, the post tube is permanently anchored directly in the ground. Advantage: firm fixation, no moving by unauthorized persons possible. Post models in various designs, colors and strap lengths are available. Can be used both indoors and outdoors (depending on model).


    Ground spike

    By means of the threaded earth spike attached to the lower end of the post tube, the barrier post can be easily screwed into "soft" surfaces such as earth or snow.


    Post-Rope-Systems Products

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