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    GLZ FL

    LED light as a barrier accessory

    Additional use of the barrier module.

    For optimal visibility in twilight and darkness, as well as for use as a signal light, the barrier can be supplemented with this battery / battery-powered LED light by means of bracket type GLZ H. Function optionally in continuous light or flashing light function.

    Usage Examples

    The right barrier solution for every occasion


    Ideal for the entrance, service and reception area, for the checkout zone or also for temporary cordoning off of certain areas.

    Logistics & Transport

    Check-in and check-in rules appropriately – direct and protect passengers sensibly.

    Public Sector

    One fact in advance: Nobody likes to wait – nevertheless, waiting times sometimes unfortunately cannot be avoided. In this case, it is important to avoid possible resentment or aggression on the part of those waiting, e.g., by pushing in front of them, by directing the flow of people waiting appropriately and skilfully.


    Identify danger zones, clearly mark traffic routes. Flexible occupational safety measures that can be retrofitted at any time. Safety – fast, effective and inexpensive.

    GLZ FL

    Technical Specifications

    VisibilityHigh visibility due to 12 LEDs, 2 light levels (yellow and white), various light modes, 360° visibility
    OperationBattery or rechargeable battery operation (3 x AAA)
    Furtheradditional magnetic adhesion, additional hooks for alternative use included, waterproof
    Holder type GLZ H optionally available.


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